Achieve Your Desired Body

Schedule a liposuction session in San Angelo, TX

Feeling confident in your skin doesn't always stop at cosmetic products. It can also mean taking that extra step toward the body shape you've always wanted. Merle Norman Studio Boutique & Spa provides non-invasive liposuction sculpting at our studio in San Angelo, TX. In just under two hours, we'll break up fat cells around your body. This process is less invasive than surgery and doesn't come with the extensive recovery time.

You can see results within as little as 6 weeks. Book a liposuction consultation with a technician when you call 325-227-6754 today.

Learn about all our body sculpting options

At our studio, we offer several body sculpting services for our customers to choose from, including:

  • Laser liposuction: A process that uses hundreds of lasers to break up fat
  • Vibration plate: A 12-minute session that is the equivalent to one hour in the gym
  • Infrared sauna: 30 minutes of infrared lighting, great for those recovering from surgery

We also sell wellness products at our store, like collagen and gut health and detoxification products. Learn more about our body sculpting services when you reach out today.